The Peninsula Medical Centre

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This project involved the procurement of a land use consent to construct and operate an integrated medical centre on a 3,131m² residentially zoned site located on Te Atatu Road in Waitakere City.  The purpose-designed, single-level building comprises seven separate tenancies, which accommodate a range of medical and related services.  The project which was classified as a Non-Complying Activity under the District Plan rules was subject to full public notification and required the preparation and presentation of expert evidence at Council and Environment Court hearings. 

The successful integration of a large scale, non-residential building and extensive paved areas into an existing residential environment was the primary design challenge on this project.  When designing the medical centre the general emphasis was on the creation of a functional building that was as complimentary as possible in terms of scale and appearance to the existing development within the area, and which did not overshadow or become overly dominant when viewed from the surrounding residential properties, the streetscape, or wider neighbourhood.  This sympathetic design approach resulted in all of the surrounding land owners and occupiers formally supporting the proposal.


Client:  The Peninsula Medical Centre

R2O Staff Involved:  Claudine Osborne

Services Provided:     

  • Feasibility assessment.
  • Affected parties’ consultation.
  • Project management/coordination of the resource management process.
  • Preparation of a land use consent application, including an assessment of environmental effects.
  • Preparation and presentation of expert planning evidence for Council and Environment Court hearings.
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