Royal Property Development

The Royal Property Development project required the procurement of resource consents and a plan change to facilitate an integrated subdivision and land use proposal involving a land exchange with Waitakere City Council and the subdivision of the site to create 85 residential allotments. 

Land use consents for landform modification works, retaining walls, stormwater wetlands and vegetation alteration were required to facilitate this residential development proposal.  

Extensive consultation was required with a number of stakeholders, including Waitakere City Council, the Auckland Regional Council, Transpower and surrounding land owners.  The proposed land exchange with Waitakere City Council resulted in a protracted and involved consultation process, with a plan change to rezone the Council owned land from Open Space to Living Environment being required. 


Client:  G.J. Thompson & MC2 Properties

R2O Staff Involved:  Richard Osborne, Claudine Osborne

Services Provided:     

  • Development impact analysis on an adjacent subdivision proposal.
  • Preparation of a submission on a notified subdivision consent application.
  • Preparation and presentation of expert evidence on submission issues.
  • Feasibility analysis and project scoping.
  • Development costings.
  • Stakeholder consultation.
  • Project management/coordination of the resource management process
  • Quality assurance.
  • Preparation of an integrated subdivision and land use consent application, including an assessment of environmental effects.
  • Preparation of an earthworks and construction management plan.
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