Ernie Pinches Urban Renewal Development

The Ernie Pinches Street residential redevelopment is a Housing New Zealand Corporation brownfields urban renewal project involving the redevelopment of a 3.2 hectare land holding, located in Auckland City, to accommodate 75 residential units.  

The proposal was publicly notified and land use consent was granted by Council. Following this process R2O staff were engaged to review the land use consent in light of a number of design changes that the client wished to make, and to undertake the detailed engineering design works required for the Auckland City Council engineering approval application.  A review of the issued land use consent and the detailed engineering design process highlighted several matters which had been incorrectly consented, or not formally consented to, requiring the careful management of the project in order to resolve all of the outstanding consent matters in a timely, cost effective manner that eliminated the need and risks associated with obtaining a new land use consent, or a notified variation to the existing consent.


Client:  Housing New Zealand Corporation

R2O Staff Involved:  Richard Osborne, Claudine Osborne

Services Provided:   

  • Feasibility analysis.
  • Preparation of project timelines.
  • Stakeholder consultation.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Preparation of a Section 127 application seeking variations to the issued land use consent.
  • Preparation of a land use consent for sediment control.
  • Preparation of road closure applications.
  • Preparation of management plans.
  • Engineering design, including earthworks, retaining structures, sediment and erosion control, roading, stormwater, wastewater and water supply.

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