Quail Rise Residential Estate


Quail Rise 2

Quail Rise residential estate is located on the North Shore within the Albany Structure Plan area.  This 33-unit comprehensive residential development incorporates terraced, duplex and freestanding house designs on freehold or unit titled sites. 

The broad design philosophy behind the development was to provide an innovative site layout that enabled the establishment of an intensive residential development in an environment with high amenity values.  

Landscape and design elements incorporated into the development have been utilised to integrate the two and three storey residential units into the existing landscape and neighbourhood, as well as create a high quality, pleasant living environment.


Client:  Gillak Holdings

R2O Staff Involved:  Richard Osborne, Claudine Osborne

Services Provided: 

  • Stakeholder consultation.
  • Subdivision layout and urban design.
  • Preparation of an integrated subdivision and land use consent application.
  • Preparation and presentation of expert planning evidence.
  • Project management/coordination of the resource management process.
  • Detailed engineering design.
  • Preparation of specifications, schedules of quantities and tender documents.
  • Engineering supervision and administration.
  • Preparation and submission of as-built drawings; undertaking infrastructure testing; and provision of code of compliance certificates.
  • Project management/coordination of the civil construction process.
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