Babich Block Residential Development

The Babich Block residential development is a greenfields subdivision of an 11 hectare land holding, located in West Auckland, to create 142 residential allotments and associated public open space and roading.  This project required the procurement of a number of local and regional authority resource consents to facilitate the integrated subdivision and land use proposal.

In addition to the preparation and coordination of the various resource consent applications required to facilitate the development, R2O staff were engaged to review proposed subdivision layout and to undertake a full CPTED analysis (i.e. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) in order to provide feedback to the client on a wide range of urban design matters, prior to the finalisation of the subdivision layout and landscape design.

This urban design and CPTED assessment process was undertaken with the aim of creating a high quality residential environment which, in addition to preserving and enhancing the significant natural features of the site, aims to employ and promote passive design techniques which reduce crime opportunity and encourage positive social interaction within the development.

Client:  Neil Construction Limited

R20 Staff Involved:  Claudine Osborne

Services Provided:

  • Project management/coordination of the resource management process.
  • Urban design assessment.
  • Preparation of an integrated subdivision and land use consent application, including an assessment of environmental effects.
  • Preparation of a CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) report.
  • Preparation of an earthworks and construction management plan.
  • Preparation of an infrastructure report.
  • Quality assurance.


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