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With close to 40 years of combined experience the management team at R2O know what is required to ensure that project objectives are delivered seamlessly, and successful, sustainable outcomes are achieved.  At R2O we pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism and are committed to open communication.

We recognise that in today’s environment achieving successful development outcomes requires input from a number of highly skilled professionals that need to be able to operate effectively and efficiently as a team.  The ‘one-stop-shop’ philosophy, particularly where professionals act outside their area of expertise, can expose clients and their project to unacceptable risks.  At R2O we work within our area of expertise and supplement our services with a network of experienced specialist consultants that share our work ethic and commitment to the provision of high quality, excellent service.  This approach enables us to put together the right team for each project and ensures that the optimum development solutions and design outcomes are achieved in all situations. 

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R2O is located at 86E Bush Road, Albany


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