Project Management

R2O Consultants are committed to achieving results; we believe that balancing economic, social and environmental outcomes is the key to creating sustainable solutions.  Our management staff are all skilled project managers that are experienced in delivering innovative, cost effective, sustainable solutions on a wide variety of land development projects. 

As we all know from experience, little mistakes can often lead to large problems.  Our project management philosophy includes a hands-on approach which delivers results and adds value for our clients.  Through our team’s varied technical backgrounds we have the skill base to help ensure our projects are completed on time, within budget and to an exacting standard of quality.

We believe that the key to successful project coordination and management is organisation and communication.  At R2O we listen to others views, concerns and professional opinions.  We ensure that the lines of communication between all parties remain open and the team remains focused on working together to achieve a successful outcome.

Project Management

Professional Services:

  • Due diligence, feasibility studies and project scoping
  • Project timelines and critical paths
  • Project costings
  • Financial management
  • Project coordination
  • Project and contract management
  • Mediation and consultation
  • Disputes resolution

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